If you can get past the cover, this is a great read.

I nearly didn’t buy this book. The cover made me think of low budget porn. Certainly cute enough guys, it is just the placement of the text… the layout… color… the cover just does not communicate what an epic read that this book is. And at 540 pages, it is EPIC. But I was never bored. Truly a gripping read.

Babies switched at birth, and raised in starkly different circumstances can be an old trope. But Mr Durand makes Two Roads Converged fresh with very specific characters, well plotted suspense, and a slow burn romance in which the course of true love definitely does not run smoothly. I couldn’t put the book down when I read the book the first time. When I returned to it a few years later, it held up beautifully for a second read. Still so engaging that it is difficult to stop reading. It is built on that sort of Perils of Pauline model in that at every step you are impatient to know what happens next.

There is a character resembling a certain orange narcissist, and his comeuppance gives satisfaction that we are not yet experiencing in our real court system. This book deserves more readers than it has gotten. If you like high stakes action, the chase, daring escapes… you might like this book.

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