May Thoughts Archive

May is here.

Have you ever noticed that “May” is a verb? Some linguists call it a “defective verb” as it has no infinitive, no past participle, and no future tense. Or it may be called a “modal verb” or an “auxiliary verb” as it must play with another verb (may be, may have, may marry, may come over…).

It is inspiring that a verb suggesting unknown possibilities welcomes us into Spring every year.

What may happen in your life this summer? We have no control over many things, but we can choose our own actions. We can choose what we focus on. When each day ends, we may reflect on that which was good and beautiful, or we may reflect on our grief… that which did not go well. There is much power for change when we choose to focus on what is useful to us.

May demands choice. The unknown is influenced by our choices. I hope that we each are inspired to plant the seeds of what is good, so that they may grow in their season into something beautiful. We can’t control the weather, but we can plant the seeds.

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