Fun with animation

Quite a while back I started creating a music video inspired by the music of a friend. It is just a fun based project. Although I’ve worked in animation for many years, I have never created something all by myself. I created background art, or built out character libraries or props, or infographics. I enjoyed the work! But I always wanted to try doing a full length short that was just me. But I was still working full time and it is hard to work on personal stuff when you’ve been doing it all day for others.

The nice thing about finally being a little bit retired is that I finally have time to finish up some of these projects! I’ve created all sorts of parts, and it wasn’t until a month or so ago that I finally had a computer that could run After Effects so I can composite it all with the music and see where I am at. But here is a peek at a few of the parts I’ve been creating for this little music video!

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