Creating art from old things: Kellogg’s Camel Train Part 1

I loved to collect cool things when I was a kid. A while back I realized that I have two drawers full of interesting mementos from my childhood. Toys from cereal boxes, chewing gum cards, tiny dolls… things that captured my imagination. More than likely if these things survive me, they end up in someone else’s junk drawers, or simply tossed. Perhaps sold on eBay if someone is really motivated. But I’ve cleaned out homes of friends who have passed and more often than not (unless it is something extraordinary) who really has the time and focus for small bits of history?

So I’m having a bit of fun with my memory drawer. First, I’m creating a diorama with the Camel Train premiums that were in cereal boxes 1969/70. Then I’ll do the same with the Funny Fringes and Crater Critters. Perhaps do enough for a small gallery show, and I’ll recreate the original cereal boxes while I’m at it to display on a plinth next to each piece. (Recreating vintage packaging is one of the things I have done professionally for the film & TV industry… so not that big of a stretch). Funny Fringes and Crater Critters will require alien environments, so I’m hoping to create some fun visuals using blender and a 3D resin printer. Will see how it goes.

I’m still in process. I’m nearly done with the environment. I’m about to dive into painting the skyscape in oil, and then rig the lighting. The framers are ready to frame May 12, so I’ve a couple weeks to have it wrapped up for them. I’ll post part two of the process once it is framed and ready to unveil.

But this is the process!

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