Handling exposition in fantasy books…

For any of you out there who are writers, Russell F. Hirsh discusses exposition in his July 18, 2023 blog post. He focuses on how Lee Edward Födi approaches exposition in the hilarious and heartfelt middle grade fantasy, SPELL SWEEPER. Now just to be clear, this has nothing to do with LGBT. Lee writes for middle-grade readers and I am a big fan of his Kendra Kandlestar books. Lee is both a lovely human being and has an engaging narrative voice. I found Mr. Hirsh’s brief observations interesting. You might consider checking out Lee’s approach to exposition.

“Födi’s crafted a compelling narrative in SPELL SWEEPER that still uses tons of exposition. In fact, he’s got entire sections devoted to exposition and they aren’t hiding–they’re designed to stand out! These Exposition Sections aren’t officially called chapters, but they always come with page breaks. Plus, they feature added graphics, shading, and font changes, all of which clearly distinguish them from the normal narrative.”


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