The Lion and The Crow

If knights and noble quests appeal to you, you might like The Lion and The Crow. Of course noble quests in reality were rather messy affairs – and more often than not, terribly uncomfortable. But as an armchair adventurer you won’t have to worry about terrible food, the distinct lack of toilet facilities, and certain knowledge that you will probably die before the quest is completed. But if you like a good adventure, you will find one here. Sir Christian and Sir William are attempting to rescue William’s sister from an abusive husband… which requires getting into a medieval fortress. The romance has steamy moments, and Eli Easton handles them well.

Eli Easton is a dependable author and she shines in this book. (She has so many great books… most set in present day – Boy Shattered about a school shooting in Missouri, is downright addictive… as is Falling Down which is about a runaway teen who intends to see autumn in New England before he ends his life… but instead finds reasons to live. Great story). Anyhoo… The Lion and The Crow. It is worth checking out. It’s not terribly long, but there is quite a bit of story in those 120 pages.

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