Kit Vincent’s “Us, Et Cetera” gets reviewed in the New York Times

Kit Vincent (the author of Of Feathers and Thorns – it will be listed on The Purple Fantastic… just haven’t gotten it up yet… it is a great read) has a new book, Us, Et Cetera. It has been receiving strong reviews from readers and has now even received a review in The New York Times.

I just bought her book this week and am looking forward to reading it. You can find out more of what Kit Vincent is up to on her Instagram page.

In Kit’s newsletter she says:

Us, Et Cetera turns 1 month old today—and what a month it has been! I’ve heard the most amazing things from readers and even got a review from The New York Times! Which—let me tell you—happens very rarely to books and almost never to indie books, but somehow Us, Et Cetera made the cut! I’m still wondering if I’ve dreamed the whole thing! The critic called it “unbearably poignant”, and honestly I couldn’t be more proud ??

The description of the book goes like this:

A captivating LGBTQ fantasy that blends the enchantment of Cinderella with the futuristic world of The Matrix, delving into questions about the nature of life, the pursuit of freedom, and the price one must pay for love.

Eke lives in a nice house, in a wealthy neighborhood, with an upstanding family: Mr. and Mrs. Kensworth and their three children. But Eke is not family; Eke is property. He’s an AI whose job is to keep the house clean and organized, and no matter how much Eke secretly wishes to be allowed outside to see the stars or to make a real friend, he’s either ignored or bullied by the family that owns him.

To make things worse, the Kensworths purchase a shiny new AI named Kyp, who quickly becomes everyone’s favorite, leaving Eke feeling more isolated than ever. That is until a terrifying party incident brings the two AI together, sparking a chain of events that forces them to commit the unthinkable: defy human orders and run away.

With AI hunters hot on their trail, Eke and Kyp set out on a perilous journey across the country, fighting for their lives, searching for the true meaning of freedom, and even daring to fall in love.

“My heart is a puddle. Grab the tissues. This author knows how to bring out happy tears for us queers.” —@Heathergreads, TikTok

“Kyp was one of the best characters I’ve ever read. SWOON, y’all.” — @Thebookishren, Bookstagram

Beautiful characters and a story with a palpable heart! I was rooting for Eke and Kyp the entire time! — Adriana Mather, NYT Bestselling author

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