The Purple Fantastic

Well… here we go. The Purple Fantastic!

I first thought of creating this site about a year and a half ago. On one hand I was trying to think of a way that an Indy author like me could get his books out into the world, but I also have a great affection for this genre. I’ve read so many wonderful books over the years and these books deserve to have a wider audience. It is heartbreaking when I read an amazing book, but the author doesn’t write any more after that. Sometimes that has to do with pragmatic concerns… we all have lives that require our involvement. But if those books simply sold more copies, maybe the author would have been encouraged to write more books.

It is hard for any of us to write vast numbers of books in the course of a year and readers like me are constantly reading, so authors aren’t really in competition. I’d like to see the gay fantasy and adventure genre explode with increasing numbers of readers.

So, my goal with The Purple Fantastic is to promote the books and authors in this genre. I’d like to create a place on the Internet where a reader can peruse and find another wonderful book in the genre. I’m going to post books that I personally have loved. No one pays me to recommend these books. AND these are simply my own tastes. There will tend to be more M/M romance as that tends to be what I read, but the site will expand as my reading expands. If I don’t post a particular book, it doesn’t mean it was bad (It quite possibly means that I haven’t had time yet to put it up… entering all that data and prepping images etc. takes time, and I do have a busy life). But over time I hope to have quite a selection of books for folks to peruse and be inspired by. They all have links to where you can purchase them on Amazon.

I don’t have visions of creating groups, etc, as I’d rather focus on writing my next book. But please feel free to reach out via the info on the contact page if you want to say hello! Please explore and discover the many authors on these pages who are creating fantastic books.

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