Wonderfully spooky read for the Halloween season

I stumbled onto A Light Amongst Shadows while exploring Audible and I couldn’t stop listening once the story got started. Ghosts roam a spooky boys school in the 1700s and the boys are forbidden to step out into the hallways after 10PM… so naturally our MCs nightly roam the corridors with some frequency. Boys in the school have disappeared from time to time and our young heroes will not be put off from solving the mystery.

The characters are likable and the plot moves along with sporadic pacing – which in this case only builds the suspense. It all builds to a satisfactory crescendo and a worthy end.

I’d liked to have learned the time period earlier in the story… or maybe it was mentioned and I somehow missed it. But I was not clear on when the story was taking place for much of the book. My first guess was 1800s, till embroidered waistcoats were mentioned – which made me think earlier. Eventually, there are references to an old headmaster who died in the late 1600s and the story seems to be placed maybe a hundred years later? Perhaps if I’d read the book instead of listening, I’d have had better luck ascertaining the date. But it seems to be in the 1700s. It may be clearer in the sequel. Which I will definitely read, A Hymn in the Silence.

I’ll definitely give this spooky tale two thumbs up. 🙂

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