I finished the TimeKeeper Trilogy

I finally finished the TimeKeeper Trilogy. I loved the first two books. The second book, ChainBreaker, ends with a cliffhanger and launches the reader right into book three, FireStarter, which drags a bit. The action is non-stop but it begins to feel like the reader has entered a time loop and is cycling through the same capture/escape episode to the point of tedium. It is hard to watch characters repeatedly make bad decisions till the characters strain credibility. The episodes begin to feel manufactured by an author rather than initiated by the characters, but even so I do not regret reading FireStarter. The first two books are extremely engaging and I’m glad to have reached the larger story’s resolution. And that resolution is ultimately quite satisfactory – even though it requires a bit of patience to reach the end.

I listened to the audio version. They are all well done, the narrator does a great job. But I do wonder if these books might have worked better for me if I had read them instead of listened to them. There are a LOT of characters and it was difficult to keep track of who all the secondary characters were. Being a visual person, if I had read the books I suspect that the visual act of reading the names and descriptions might have been a great assist. Possible all the seemingly looping episodes would have felt more unique if I had been clearer on all the details that skimmed past me as a listener.

By and large the TimeKeeper Trilogy is a fun and unique read, and worth a read if you like lots of action and an impossible romance. There is a compelling relationship at its core, in addition to a cast of diverse characters.

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