Fast Zombies are just the thing for Halloween

Kick at the Darkness is an edge-of-your-seat, can’t-put-the-book-down, compelling sort of read. Zombies are always creepy, but fast zombies are just downright disturbing.

This is a steamy romance (Keira Andrews excels in her steamy bits – one would hardly believe that she is a straight woman with a husband and kids), but she also really keeps up the tension in the life and death race for survival. Quite well crafted. It is a three book trilogy – the second book, Fight the Tide, is just as nail biting as the first book. And the third book? Well she’s been busy with it and there was a dropped comment that it may not be too much longer. Maybe January? It has not been announced yet. I may be completely wrong, and simply being too hopeful. But the good thing is that each book does actually have an end. You are not left hanging. Certainly there are story elements to be settled still but each book does come to a flavor of resolution. So you don’t have to wait for the third book to be out before you start the series!

Keira Andrews is a dependable author in terms of quality. Her genres vary quite a bit but she knows how to craft characters and build romantic tension whether the stories concern real world, present day folks, historical characters, or fantastic settings. Her Amish series is also a worthwhile read. It starts with A Forbidden Rumspringa.

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