The Fae Out of Water Trilogy by E. J. Russell

If you enjoy stories about fae creatures living amongst us, you might enjoy The Fae Out of Water Trilogy. E. J. Russell is a great storyteller. Cutie and the Beast starts quietly enough with a young temp worker accidentally sent to work in a psychologist’s office that focuses on magical ailments. The story is funny and romantic and carries enough mystery to keep the reader engaged. But with The Druid Next Door, the world of Faerie gets richer with faerie politics and history. Bad Boy’s Bard increases the stakes and builds more into the history of the Fae world and more time is spent within that magical realm. There are monsters aplenty, along with fiendish bargains, and clever adventuring. These are fun and engaging tales… they do get steamy at times. If you like old faerie tales and a good dose of M/M romance, these might be a good fit for you.

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